“It has been an honor to have worked with Jerry in the implementation of a Lean Six Sigma program. Jerry’s passion for excellence and professionalism shined through during our first meeting. He presented his company and their program offering making it difficult to turn down. Jerry not only made an upfront commitment to the success of the implementation but he delivered everything that was presented. I strongly recommend Jerry and his company to anyone and any company that has the vision of implementing a sound continuous improvement program. Jerry is dedicated to the success of the program and strives to assure that the knowledge is transferred enabling longevity and continued program payback.”

~ Mike Gravett, Corporate CIP Manager, National Standard

“I am writing this in support of the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Course. I work at a bank and my project for the three week course was focused on improving the ordering process for Debit Cards. Using simple tools provided by the course I was able to map out a process that affected multiple areas of the bank with positive results. The main component was utilizing our core bank system to automatically order debit cards without having a back room employee ordering these manually.”

~ Josh Crowl, Business Process Analyst, AVP, Spirit Bank

“Jerry improved our business tremendously. He found my company’s new location, developed plans for the departure from our old facilities and remodel of the new one. He managed all of the remodel projects and helped facilitate the company merger. He also created a new design for the warehouse that made it easy for employees to organize, locate, and control inventory.”

“Jerry helped save my family business over $500,000.00 in operating costs in the first four years of the business improvement project he managed. With the merger we eliminated the need for excess inventory and freed up operating capital. We improved customer service by reducing wait time for orders and improving delivery speed and accuracy. Our revenues increased and because of the new centrally located position, we increased local market share by 5%.”

“His idea to merge our two industrial supply companies and just own one property (that continues to increase in value) assured that we’ve been able to sustain the current hard economic times. I would recommend Jerry for any continuous improvement project if you are looking for someone who is dedicated, personable, professional, and passionate about helping business owners succeed.’

~ Judy Tidmore, Owner, GM Sales Co

“I recommended Jerry to a client of mine and he really came through for him. My client expressed great appreciation for Jerry’s knowledge and expertise, and I would not hesitate to recommend Jerry to anyone!”

~ Gary Sheely, Tactical Confrontation Specialist/Trainer

“It is rare to find technical consultation that is accompanied with excellent human resource capabilities. Jerry is competent in both.”

~ Doug Sullivent, Director of Operations,  Muncie Power Products, Inc.

“We have known and worked with Jerry on a variety of projects for a number of years. Jerry has a very effective leadership style and has earned the trust of our employees through his vast knowledge of continuous improvement and deep understanding of human nature. Our partnership with Jerry is and will continue to be, an important part of our lean journey.”

~ Vince Williams, President at APSCO Inc.

“Madison Strategies Group worked with Jerry and Blue Brook Consulting to conduct a communications workshop with our customers. We were very satisfied and more importantly our students loved the class and felt like they learned valuable skills. They tailored the program to suit our needs. A very positive experience.”

~ Karen Pennington, Program Director at Madison Strategies Group