Our CEO/Founder

Jerry Pykiet

CEO / Black Belt – With a reputation for grasping concepts and turning them into implementation, Jerry helps teams accomplish efficiency, quality & profitability goals. This high-energy realist with a keen eye for new possibilities delivers return on investment for decision makers and stakeholders.

My clients achieve:
>> 100% average ROI within 2 months
>> Only one in Oklahoma doing continuous improvement from top to bottom to include making clients visible.
Note: Most companies don’t see a payback til year 2 and my clients get ROI in the first 2 months!
>> 98% average increase in implementing new ideas/processes
>> 50% average increase in quality products and services

I am Jerry Pykiet (Pie-Kit) – CEO of Blue Brook Consulting. I am a skilled leadership professional who has a passion for helping businesses make money and save money. Experience at market and culture analysis while recognizing conceptual difference and creating solutions. Adept at bringing an organization to a point where it delivers increased revenue through superior performance. Results-oriented achiever who is able to help companies initiate action to achieve objectives. Oh yeah – and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt!

I help companies adopt the LEAN methodology to transform their business into a consistent source of new ideas, reducing waste while increasing profits. I work with CEOs to identify and improve upon the weak spots in their strategies and help them increase profits by leaps and bounds.

If you’re interested in a free consultation to explore new strategies, you can reach out to me via email or phone.

* Aerospace
* Manufacturing
* Oil and Gas
* Supply Chain
* Financial
* Logistics
* Energy

SPECIALTIES: Lean Six Sigma, Lean Communication Skills, Continuous Improvement, 5s Implementation, Kaizen, Lean Process Flow Mapping, Change Management, Lean Manufacturing, Equipment and Capital Planning, Lean Budgeting and Forecasting, Financial Modeling, Business Planning & Strategy, Profitability Analysis, Lean Online Marketing, Financial Analysis, Lean Operations Analysis,