The Company… Our Core Values… Our Beliefs…

Our Innovations

In 2009, Blue Brook Consulting was founded to further efforts toward continuous improvement in Tulsa companies. Whenever we spoke to executives, managers, staff and customers about problems, the most common themes were attitude, waste, and lack of productivity. Threaded through those themes was the issue of the costs to build teams, implement process improvements, and generate innovations. In short – everyone’s problems were how to make the company culture pleasurable, productive and profitable.

The Blue Brook leaders took on that common mission. We organized ourselves around getting the best Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Black Belt talent in Oklahoma to join our collaboration… and never looked back. We established strategic partnerships, joined forces with thought leaders, and harnessed our collective experience of 140 years delivering proven Lean and Six Sigma process improvement results.

Today, Blue Brook consultants and associates can be found all over the state, helping companies large and small to measurably improve performance, stand out as market leaders and become employers of choice. Call today to schedule a consultation with Oklahoma’s best process improvement consultants!

Our Team

Top talent is hard to find, so we’ve done all the work to provide you with the best.

Rather than outsource training projects, we contract talented instructional designers, facilitators, and media developers from around the globe. Our experienced team develops and manages projects so that our clients receive outstanding development and extremely competitive rates.

Blue Brook’s people are the elite of the best when it comes to process improvement, training solutions, business innovation and Lean and Six Sigma operations! Call for an appointment to explore your business improvement concerns with our Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts, finance and start-up gurus, and training and policy.

Our Core Philosophy

We are a team. At Blue Brook Consulting, Inc., our mission is to help you use Lean and Six Sigma principles throughout your business for continuous and sustainable process improvements. Our pool of Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts support you with Lean and Six Sigma certification training, methods, programs and tools so you can generate innovations.

Our Goals

Make the:

  • Client happy with the new revenue they generate
  • Employees happy and engaged with their job
  • Customers happy with the products/services the client provides