Lean Executive

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Champion Overview

Overview for understanding and being a champion for Lean and Six Sigma principles, so they generate productivity and profit in business

  • 8 Hours

Open enrollment:

  1. Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma Certifications
  2. Green Belt Lean Six Sigma training for Certification (Week One / Week Two)
  3. Mentor for Success Program (Lean Six Sigma Certification)
  4. Executive Lean Six Sigma Training


What’s in it for the business?

  • Sales – average 95% reduction in order processing cycle time
  • Engineering – average 88% reduction in item number set up cycle time, with 54% accuracy improvement
  • Purchasing – average 35% reduction in Purchase Order to payment cycle time, with 50% accuracy improvement
  • Human Resources – average 22% reduction in application-to-hire cycle time, improved retention rate
  • Shipping – average 35% productivity improvement, 22% reduction in warehouse space utilization
  • Manufacturing – averages of 10% to 32% reduction in cost of goods sold, 33% productivity improvement, 25% to 40% manufacturing floor space reduction. This means that manufacturers can move into smaller spaces, or use the space for other things. Up to 100% improvement in First Pass Yield quality
  • Finance / Accounting – average 65% reduction cycle time and 50% improvement in data accuracy for credit application process

What’s in it for students?

  • Training and certification in Lean Six Sigma by a Master Black Belt and MBA with over 15 years of experience.
  • Recognition as a stakeholder who works to help a company improve business.
  • Education that is completely transferable in all parts of business.
  • Hands on experience implementing a Lean Six Sigma project.
  • Applied practice in communicating ideas with coworkers.

Call 918-637-5800 for more information or to sign up.